Pilo-Nim Gel (Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine)
For Local rectal Action And Piles

Herbal Gel 100% safe in Piles , Haemorrhoids, Fistula, Varicose vein and other Ano-rectal inflammatory conditions.
Sl. No Sanskrit Name
Botanical Name Chemical Constituents Pharmacological Action Efficacy English
1 Haritaki
Terminalia chebula
Chebulinic acid, tannic acid, Gallic acid and chebulin, Arjungenin, arjun glycoside Arjunolic acid, bellericoside maslinic acid, Chebuloside
Antispasmodic,anti viral Anti inflammatory, anti Bacterial,immunommodu- Latory suppressive, anti ulcer, anti tumor Relieves spasm, reduces pain and Swelling, arrests bleeding relieves constipation.
Chebulic Myro Balan

2 Kumari Aloe vera Alion,hydroxyanthro-quinone, Barbalion, Aloe ferrin, Aloe emodin, Aloe Resin A&B, chrysophenol,
Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anesthetic, anti bacterial, wound healing and antifungal. Improves skin texture, regenerates, epidermis, protects from infections, reduces pain and swelling due to Injury, removes fungal infections. Indian Aloe
3 Lajjalu Mimosa pudica
Mimosaine, stigmasterol, D- glucorisic acid, linoleic, Norepinephrine, stearic Acid, orientin, palmitic etc.
Anti spasmodic, ulcer healings, anti hemorrhage. Relieves pain swelling and irritation. It also arrest bleeding heals ulcers. Floating senditive

4 Vrikshaha Yeranda

Ricines communis

Ricinine, kaempferol, B-amyrin, recinoleric acid
Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti bacterial, anti convulsant, antifungal.
Reduces pain, swelling, anti spasmodic Heals wound and cuts.
Castor Oil
5 Athibala
Gossypetin-8, asparegin Reffinose, linolenic oleic Palmitic steaic acids, Beta Sitosterol, fructose, histidin Glutamic a acid, aspartic acid Anti bacterial, antifungal Analgesic

Reduces oedema, pain, useful in bleeding.
Indian Mush Malion