NIMBA RUB GEL (Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine)
For reliable relief from pain and ache

NIMBA RUB Gel is a 100% safe herbal remedy, safe and gentle provides relief in Muscular pain, Sprains, Scaiatica,Tendinitis, head-ache and, Body-ache and wherever topical analgesic is required.
Sl. No Sanskrit Name
Botanical Name Chemical Constituents Pharmacological Action Efficacy English
1 Pudhin
Mentha arvensis Essential oils, menthol, d-carvone, 80.8 Careen, citronellol. Anti-inflammatory, anti-Bacterial, analgesic Reduces inflammation, pain and swelling, relieves arthritis, rheumatic pains. The marsh Mint
2 Karpura
Cinnamomum Camphora
Camphor,essential oils, camperol,lanalol Geranid, lignans, cinnamonol, cresyl Eugenol, borneol
Antiseptic, sedative, anti-inflammatory, anthelmentic, stimulant, analgesic Reduces pain in arthritic and rheumatic conditions, swellings are reduced.

3 Tailaparna Ecalyptus Globulus
Globulol, essential oils, α-pinonlimonene euglobals leanolic acid, maslinic acid, 4 hydroxy titianconlan-16,18 iodine Asperagine, glutamic acid.
Anti inflammatory, anti-Tumor, analgesic, anti-Infective. Reduces pain swelling in Arthritic and rheumatic Conditions Eucalyptus

4 Devadaru
Cedrus deodara
Himachalol, allohimachalol, himadarol, Centdarol, deodarin, cedeodarin, cedrin Anti-inflammatory, anti-Bacterial, analgesic

Reduces pain,swelling inflammation, prevents bacterial infections.
Himalayan Cedar