Nimba foot Gel (Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine)
For foot infection & Cracks

For whole day production of feet ,apply a small quantity of 'Nimba Foot Gel' before wearing socks and shoes. It removes unwanted grime and odour. Also for Padaroga, Fungal infections and cracks in the feet.
Sl. No Sanskrit Name
Botanical Name Chemical Constituents Pharmacological Action Efficacy English
1 Haridra Curcuma longa Borneol, turmerone, curcumens, terpineol, Curcumin, turmerin.

Anti-inflammatory, anti- Arthritis, antifungal and Antimicrobial..
Heals wounds, cuts, viral, prevents from all types of infections bacterial fungal etc., reduces carcinogenesis

2 Usira
Vettiveria zizanoides
B vetivorone, flavonoids tannins Anti-fungal, anti-ulcer
Bacterial infections. Anti fungal activity reduces infections, reduces pain cooling effect on the body



3 Chandan
Santalam Album
Santalin, Santanone, Santalol, sterolic acid Sitosterols.

Anti-bacterial, analgesic anti inflammatory, anti neoplasic, Deodarant

Reduces pain, swelling, heals wounds Prevents frost bites etc.,

4 Devadaru Cedrus Deodara Himachalol, Allohimachalol, Himadarol, Centdarol, Deodarin, cedeodarin, cedrin
Anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, analgesic Reduces pain, swelling, inflammation. Prevents bacterial infections
Himalayan Cedar
5 Nimba
Azadirachta Indica Nimbidin, Azadirachtin, Nimbiol, Nimolinon, Tocopherol, Stearic Acid, Nimbidol Anti microbial, Analgesic Antifungal & Anti-inflammatory.

Wound Healing reduces swelling & pain, prevents from all types of skin Infections, heals ulcers of any cause eg., diabetes ulcers injuries etc.

Neem Tree