Clenshe Gel (Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine)
For female personal hygiene & skin infection

Clenshe Gel has specially been developed for women, for safe and gentle cleansing of private parts to provide clean, cool, fresh and confident feel. Excellent for daily use during periods and while changing sanitary napkins. It removes unwanted grime and odour. Protects skin from rashes, itches in thigh joints and infections.
Sl. No Sanskrit Name
Botanical Name Chemical Constituents Pharmacological Action Efficacy English
1 Nimba
Azadirachta Indica Nimbidin Antibacterial, Antiamoebic Antifungal, Analgesic & Anti-inflammatory
Prevents and cures Vaginal infections, Candidiasis etc.,

Neem Tree
2 Kumari
Aloe vera Alion, Barbalion, ß-BarBalion, Aloeeferim. Muchopolysacharides, Mucilinageous substance
Analgesic, Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, wound healing, ulcer healing and Antifungal

Reduces degeneration Of epiderms and highly bacterial especially in staphy- Lococcus, E-coli.
Indian Aloe
3 Tavakshira Curcumalonga LB pinenenes, AR-curcumin Camphor terpineol
Anti-inflammatory and Antibiotic activities. Reduces infection of Epiderms

4 Chandan
Santalam Album
Santalin, Volatile substance (sandle wood oil)
Deodarant, Muscle relaxant, Antibacterial

Heals ulcer and wounds. Anti- inflammatory and Analgesic. Reduces Irritation of genital areas.